Proud to Be RMIT Fashion Graduate Class of 2006

20 Mar , 2015 Fashion,Mindset

Proud to Be RMIT Fashion Graduate Class of 2006

Have you guys heard who the new winner of the Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award 2015 is?

And the winner is … Pageant!

Pageant a five year old fashion business by Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds.

Why the big fuss?? 

I went to school with these girls!

We did our fourth year together in our little white room at RMIT Melbourne.


Here’s the proof:

There's me (Asian) second line, Amanda Cumming to the left with short hair and grey top, Kate Reynolds is kind of sixth, leaning on the right with long wispy fringe.

Image from the AGE that I found:There’s me (Asian) second line, Amanda Cumming to the left with short hair and grey top, Kate Reynolds is kind of third from the back, leaning on the right with long wispy fringe.

Feels good to have someone who went to the same school, in the same year finally win the National Designer Award. Let’s just say, I was waiting a long time for one of us to take it. I’m glad they finally did.

Although, I didn’t really know them, I just remember Amanda and Kate were great friends and always together. I’m really proud to see them take this award and really proud to be an RMIT Graduate, especially, Class of 2006!


Other great news is that I’ve got back into action mode and things have been changing a lot lately. As mentioned in my last post, I have connected with some awesome coaches and teachers and have gotten mah groove back awn! Yeah! 😀

As a coach, I gotta walk the walk when I talk the talk. So I sought out some coaching on my own to break through some of the things that I can’t see myself or travel to places in the unconscious mind that I haven’t dared to travel to.

Funny thing was, that the coaching session was on Thursday but things were already starting to change in the days before.

I ran a Drink-Driving course on Wednesday and I walked into the room with the intention of not selling any breathalysers because I felt like it would get too complicated with the change in trainers. I was only running session 1 and someone else was going to do session 2. So, it was going to be a bit of a headache if I should breathos and the next trainer reaped the commissions!

So I thought, “I don’t wanna sell any breathalysers”.

You know what happened?! Everyone in the room wanted to get their hands on a breathalyser! It felt like everyone wanted to throw their money at me! Damnn! 😀

And then you know what else happened. The trainer for next week’s session actually asked if I could just do the second session.. So no dramas now! Thank you Universe!! 😀

It’s only Friday today and I feel like things have changed and I also feel a little bit uneasy. It’s all part of the process and I know exactly what my clients would feel when they work with me. NLP Changes feels like buying a new pair of shoes. It fits well. It looks good. But it’s a little bit uncomfortable at first because you haven’t worn the shoes in. You know that feeling right? The shoe is a bit tight and scratchy and then before you know it, it’s all comfy and the shape fits perfectly around the foot.

That’s what NLP change feels like. Like wearing a new pair of shoes. All it is is trusting that the shoe is going to fit so comfortably well on your feet, no pains, no dramas, just comfort.

Anything that’s new is always going to feel weird at first. After a while, it will be much better.

Anyway, it’s all still fresh to me, so I’ll share with you all the great changes that will take place soon.

Oh, and I’ve scheduled in my first LIVE RECORDING on Google Hangouts next week to share with you all the things I’ve learnt in these great few years about attracting the good stuff in life. So, here I am inviting you to join me, Thursday March 26th 2015 @ 8.00PM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time, Melbourne Time) on YouTube for:

“How to Attract Money, Love and Great Sex”

Yes, you will learn all the good things. So if you have been feeling like you’ve been lacking something, or things don’t seem right or things have come to a complete stand still, log in next Thursday at:

MindDirectors –

YouTube – 

Be there!!

Karen x



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