Red Paw Paw: Disappointed Again! (September 2014 Review)

18 Sep , 2014 Food

Red Paw Paw: Disappointed Again! (September 2014 Review)

Hey guys,

Whether you arrived here from google, or arrived here from my video on YouTube, you wanted to hear the story.

Perhaps, let’s start with delivery. What is with AusPost! The tape was broken, the postie left it on a pot plant, which smooshed the shit out of it. I guess a positive is that I didn’t need a pair of scissors to break the seal.

Anyway, what’s in the box this month:

Initial thoughts:

Initially, I was excited to see that there were more products than the last box, but towards the end of the experience, I didn’t have that WOW factor as I had when I first opened my very first RedPawPaw box a few months back. What happened?? Did that jolt really shake the business and everything is just scrapping together now?

Again, I saw other people’s unboxing photos first on YouTube and on their Facebook page. Realised AGAIN that a lot of products were INCONSISTENT. Get your act together guys. I can understand maybe a difference or disrepancy of one or two products, but it does feel like sometimes there are two boxes, “The Actual Good Box” and “The Shit Box for Shit People”.

Is it because I live in a shitty area? Or is it because I live in Melbourne? Or is it because I give you shit reviews in the last two months?

I have stood by RedPawPaw through their postage change. Sent them an encouraging and supportive email. Backed up the hater’s comments and two months in a row, my box feels like they didn’t have any goods left or someone stole them. It’s getting better I suppose, last month was a jib and this month I’m missing two items.

When is it going to be better Redpawpaw?? When?

Thinking about the Postives:

Ok, I can’t keep knocking it without giving Redpawpaw SOME justice. What I like about the box (why I still haven’t unsubscribed) is the branding. All their imagery, branding, marketing is consistent and it really does emphasise the family experience aspect of their box. It’s an experience, the box contains products for the family, for everyone – young and old and furry (pets, you perve!).

The products are good. You $5 (plus $7.50 to $15 of postage) for some full sized products and some samples (of new products you may not ever want to buy or try). So conceptually, it’s a great idea and it does offer you an opportunity to try something for less than $1 – $2 give or take.

They try to give you a variety: from food, to snack, to household, to drink, to something sweet. What I am missing in my box that others have is a cupcake/cake mix and glad wrap. I think if these products had been in the box, the entire value of the Redpawpaw box for September would have been fantastic.

This is my box

This is my box

This is "Nicole" from Facebook's box

This is “Nicole” from Facebook’s box

This is "Vanessa" from Facebook's box

This is “Vanessa” from Facebook’s box

Looking at what others got, my box doesn’t look too bad. The other’s are missing that Mr Muscle wipe and instead they have the cupcake mix and glad wrap. Whereas, I have the cleaning product instead of the cooking/baking stuff.

In Conclusion:

Get your shit together. Keep it consistent. Get it right. 

I don’t think I’ve seen as many CONSUMERS (ok, not just haters, these are paying customers) complaining each month, week, day, second about a subscription box as much as I’ve seen on the Redpawpaw Facebook page. I don’t see anyone complaining on the other boxes like Native Box, Violet or Bella Box.

People get pissed off and upset when they see in the first minute or two how things are different. Once an opinion is made, you can’t change it either. So many people unsubscribe each month, but at the same time, so many people SUBSCRIBE. LOL

Let’s see what happens next month. 

Karen x



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