Red Paw Paw October 2014 Unboxing and Review – Surprise!

10 Oct , 2014 Food

Red Paw Paw October 2014 Unboxing and Review – Surprise!

RedPawPaw Review for October 2014, in case you were wondering what was inside and did not find out on their Facebook page.

I will say, if you don’t want spoilers, then do not scroll down any further or click on the video below – as I have everything listed. 

Before I do that, why don’t I just tell you how I feel. I actually feel good about this month’s Redpawpaw box. It has a number of items in there and most of the items are full sized. No more small things! It still doesn’t have that same WOW factor as the first month’s box (yet). Though, it’s only a matter of time before Redpawpaw get back to that awesome box that I remembered it to be.

Don’t get me wrong. The Red pawpaw October 2014 box is still pretty awesome. I did some calculations and it came to a very reasonable price. Definitely exceeded their $30 a month of value this month!

Let’s have a look at what’s inside:

Looks good right?

Let me do what I normally do for the other boxes, let’s break it down to see the value of it. Now, remember, this box is ONLY $5! (plus postage, so it totals to at least $7.50). I looked on Coles and Wollies websites as well as ebay if I couldn’t it.

What’s in the box:

1. Lipton Tea Passion Raspberry RRP $4.12 FULL SIZE – I have the calming chamomile at home and I have seen other people drink this tea at work. Must give it a go!

2. Masterfoods Perfect for Beef spices RRP $2.74 FULL SIZE – This is interesting

3. Lipton Yellow Label Tea pk 10 (RRP $11 from ebay for a pack of 100, so ~$1.00) – Another tea, can’t go wrong with normal tea. I wonder what is special about this yellow label?

4. Finish Quantum Powerball 18 tablets (RRP $30.95 for 40 tablets, so ~$15.00) – wow, I have used these ones when we had a dishwasher and the dishes were really clean. Damn, that’s a big bag! Lovin’ it!

5. Be Natural Four Bars with grains, nuts, coconut, chia and pepita RRP $4.40 FULL SIZE – I ate one of these. YUM! And filling as well! Was getting pretty hangry by now..

6. Kellogg’s All Bran Muesli RRP $5.50 FULL SIZE – Wow and I was just thinking about getting muesli for breakfast! Don’t need to any more. Thanks Redpawpaw! 😀

7. Vetta Pasta RRP $2.26 FULL SIZE – Such a big bag of pasta for you to make a pasta bake!

8. Dolmio Tuna Pasta Bake Sauce RRP $4.17 FULL SIZE – Here’s the sauce for your pasta bake! Where’s the tuna? lol kidding, I have a few cans of tuna at home as well as other veggies that I would definitely thrown in there!

9. Schweppes DRY in Wild Raspberry (RRP $6.22 for pk of 4, so ~ $1.50) – I don’t know what this is, but I like getting some sparkly drinks every so often.

TOTAL = $40.69

I don’t know about you, but having spent $12.50 and getting around $40 worth of products is pretty good. The products are getting more fitting towards what I would use. Tea is a must and the fruity teas can be cooled down with ice as a icy treat for summer. The fruit bars are great. The muesli is good (not organic but it’s still muesli). All the other stuff is great too.

This month’s Redpawpaw box doesn’t feel like it’s just samples and doesn’t have too many new things. It has stuff that we know and it’s a little “new” and “different”.

Good work guys, I think you’ve done a great job this month.

Another note …

I just have to add that what really impresses me, and still does impress me, is Redpawpaw’s marketing. They do so well with their branding and their customer service is great. They really listen. I was actually approached last week in relation to my disappointing box and they even offered.. sorry not offered, gave me a refund for the products that I did not receive. Thank you guys.

I will definitely keep going, despite not trying everything in the box, because eventually I will get through all the products, esp the food and drink stuff haha. If you guys are interested, here’s the link – – I’m not sure if they still have a waiting list or not, but definitely worth it and it’s only going to get better.

Thanks Redpawpaw!

Have a great weekend all!

Karen x



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