Red Pawpaw December 2014 Unboxing and Review

25 Dec , 2014 Food

Red Pawpaw December 2014 Unboxing and Review

Opps, forgot to pop up the video for RedPawpaw December 2014 box.

Here’s the video:


As mentioned in the video, I really thought there’d be more of a Christmas vibe about this month’s box. Also, I did feel like there was one too many drinks. However, overall, it’s not really a bad box.

It has a bit of everything which is great – I enjoyed the Mount Franklin sparkling water so far. Haven’t gotten to the rest of the box yet but will eventually get through it soon.

Did I get my money’s worth ($12)?

I’d say I did this month. The bag of cereal, the drinks and bars and jam – that all adds up to be well worth it.

Like I say everything month, if you’re interested in the Redpawpaw subscription box, get your hands on it!

Hopefully the new year will bring a more exciting box that’s packed with lots of love and goodies.

Karen x




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