Redpawpaw August 2014 Review and Unboxing!

14 Aug , 2014 Food

Redpawpaw August 2014 Review and Unboxing!

Long awaited Redpawpaw August 2014 review and unboxing!!

Why is it a “long awaited” box? If you have read my post on “the world of subscription boxes” a few weeks back you will have heard of the commotion that Redpawpaw stirred up with the new addition of postage. This cause such a hugeeee riot on the Redpawpaw facebook page and so many people decided to unsubscribed… and so many people started conspiracies… stalking… crazzzyy

So.. in August 2014, everyone is waiting for what the Redpawpaw box has to offer because they skipped the month of July due to “re-packaging” purposes.

The result is new packaging which probably makes more sense in the end, given that the old packaging was cardboard pieces in a cardboard box within a cardboard box.

Now we get one cardboard box with Redpawpaw’s branding on the front and that’s about it.

What’s inside the box you ask?

Well this month has a few less items than the last. I did feel a little bit…. “underwhelmed”.. lol if that’s a word. I just didn’t feel that “WOW” like I did when I spent the $5 in June. This month I paid $5 plus the $7.50 for postage and I didn’t feel like I had $12.50 worth of goodies, let alone receive $30 worth of value (as per advertisement).

What was in my box:

redpawpaw aug 2014

+ Packet of Mug Shot Soup

+ Liptop Tea Sparkling

+ Vita wheat biscuits

+ Box of brownies

+ Big bottle of Mount Franklin Sparkling water (very bubbly and sparkly this month)

+ Nature’s Goodness dog food

+ Chux Magic Scrub

+ Salt (saxa flakes and shaker)

+ Fountain Tomato Sauce

and that’s it.. To be honest, there was nothing in here that I haven’t seen before.. I guess a part from the cleaning thing and the dog food (I don’t have a dog).

Everything else I have seen before.

What really got me feeling a little bit upset and feeling “unloved” was after I looked at another YouTuber’s unboxing video and realised she has a few more full sized items than I did… She had muesli bars, fruit packs and there was something else I can’t remember… *shattered*

Not to mention some of my products did fall a part.. like the brownies box looked like it was opened.. and the can is a little deformed.. probably from the handling of the box during shipment.

The Verdict:

So…. my final verdict.. I was a little bit unhappy with the box because the value of it felt like it was less than the last Redpawpaw box I had (even though I paid for postage this time). What really made me unhappy was seeing what the other YouTuber got and I just felt like… What?? How is this consistent? 

As mentioned in the video.. I’ll keep my subscription for another month or so to see what I get. The problem for me is value and consistency. I don’t think I have ever received a Notox, Native or Violet box that wasn’t the same as what other people received and if there were changes, I would be notified. So NOT HAPPY JAN.

Anyways.. if you wanted to give it a go and see if you can get on the waiting list, check out their website.

Or if you want to see how excited I was with the last Redpawpaw box I received, click on the link below.

Otherwise, take care and I will speak very soon!

Karen x



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