Revlon Parfumerie Review

14 Apr , 2014 Beauty,Fashion

Revlon Parfumerie Review

OMG Talk about yummmmm

If you are like me and follow many nail beauty gurus, then you would’ve heard of the Revlon Parfumerie.  I honestly follow way too many gurus that I’ve lost track on who was first to tell me about these amazing gems.

I remember the guru was reviewing the lavender bottle, commenting on how , much she loved the smell. The skeptic in me thought, really? When I was younger, I remember coming across nail polishes that claim to have smells… and they did not live to their word.

So one day I was at Priceline looking for some Essence nail polishes to buy (ended up with a sheer pink and white from essense and a blue glitter from sally hansen,  one that I’ve been eyeing for a while) when I came across a special,

“Spend $30 or more on Revlon nail polishes and get a free nail care kit free”

I spent the next 30 minutes looking at different colours… These babies retail at $16.95 here in Australia (as apposed to $5.00 our American buddies pay) so choosing the right colours was a must.

As “ngu” or stupid as I, I thought, well they are meant to smell good right? So I opened up the bottles to smell the polish.


They stank like nail polish. Lol

Sometimes my brain activates my movement before my sight because after coughing to the smell of nail polish I read the advertisement board which said,

“Scent appears after it dries” (maybe not it those exact words)


Don’t I feel stupid. So my only choice was to pick a colour that I really liked or pick a scent that I liked. I was really tempted with lavender but I dont like the colour lavender. I thought the fresh linen might be interesting. Italian Leather caught my attention. So did Chocolate truffle and Espresso but I’m not keen with a brown and already owned a black.

After careful thought and consideration, I decided to skip the special and buy 1 revlon parfumerie polish – Bordeaux.


Revlon Parfumerie in Bordeaux is a rich deep plum red that had a hue of blue. Im sure I didnt have something similar.

I have always loved red wine and thought that this scent woukd be interesting.

And was it interesting.

I tried it out tonight and it was delish. They literally dry and smell beautiful. My room, for once, didnt reek of nail polish! But instead a beautiful fruity smell which reminded me of a jelly belly jelly bean…. cant put my finger on which flavour but I know I’ve eaten something that tastes as good as my nails smelt.

It is such a good way to tell when the polish dried as well. Win win!

So I did, one coat OPI Nail Envy Strengthener, two coats of this goodness and then stopped and thought… top coat?

Why not experiment?

I painted my right hand with one coat of Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat and waited. I still smelt the yummy goodness of Bordeaux! Score!

How awesome is that? Not only does it apply well, smell good, it also continues to smell good after top coat (and you know how strong seche vite smells).


Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes are fantastic. I’d definitely pick some up and try it on if you wanted nails that smelt good for a change.

My only con is that there’s not that many colours tha I’d normally pick, even though they have an array of colours. Also the cost is unbelievable considering we are paying double what our friends in the US are paying.

However, I thought ebay would be a goer but when you add up the shipping, it costs pretty much the same here if you take advantage of the Priceline promos “3 for 2” that they have from time to time. Or if you usually buy from Amazon or is thinking of a huge haul from Amazon, I’d sneak a few of these in as well!

Final verdict: Super Love It!


Ps – I will totally take advantage of the 3 for 2 at Priceline. Just watch me on instagram – @kluublog :p



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