Revlon Transforming Effects Review

15 Jun , 2015 Beauty

Revlon Transforming Effects Review

Hey guys!

I went shopping last week in Target and came across these transforming effects top coats. I’ve seen them around for a while now and Target just so happened to have a 25% for Revlon and I got a little excited when I found clearance Revlon item (which came down to around $5!) so I decided to get something else from Revlon.

I bought the “Nude Graffitti” topcoat and was really looking forward to the results.. What is this transforming effect thing? What did it mean? How will it turn out?

With so many questions, I decided to grab the nude one.. I have to admit, it was so pretty in the bottle!


I tried it on my bare nails. No under colour, no nude polish, just bare. I used the special bottom coat for glitter nails (PVA glue mixed with water! Or craft glue for my american friends.. you know that white glue that dries clear) and then dabbed on about two layers of the transforming topcoat. It may have been three layers… because I was dabbing on the glittery specks to try to get a lot on my nails. The good thing is, that when it dried, it wasn’t a thick layer of top coat.. I’ve had that before with the Etude House confetti polish…

The revlon transforming effects one didn’t do that. I could feel the glitter but it didn’t feel thick. I’m just wondering if this would be considered glitter.. it’s not really shiny, but more matte-ish. The clear polish is shiny though.

Here’s what it looks like in the end.

revlon transforming effects nude graffiti

I did a layer of matte topcoat, also revlon, just to see what it would look like. Have I ever talked about the Revlon matter topcoat before? I love it so much! It’s matte, but not that dry look. It looks more like matte glass… there’s a name for that.

Anyway.. it’s not a bad look. I kinda like it. I think this will be great on maybe a french nail or a design that had part of the nail painted… like a diagonal or a triangle and then the nude graffiti over it.

My only beef is that as much as I like glitter polishes… glitter polishes only ever look good in a bottle. You need to put on layers and layers to get it to look like the bottle on your nail. Apart from that, what girl doesn’t love a bit of bling right?

Let me know what you guys think, would you buy this?

Definitely give this a try (or add this to your collection). For Australians, there’s always a sale on at Target or Priceline.. For my American friends, you guys always have these little beauties cheaper than us anyway so there’s no loss! LOL

Karen x



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