Subscription Boxes Update

17 Jan , 2015 Food

Subscription Boxes Update

What happened to the Red Pawpaw box?

I thought I’d just whip out a quick update before I get into a good article idea that I just got from LinkedIn.

I was actually looking forward to seeing the Red Pawpaw box this month and waited and waited for ever for it. I hadn’t seen it in a few weeks and normally they send it around the start of the month. So I checked my email and realised that they have changed it to seasonal boxes instead of monthly boxes. Ahhhhhhhh

They decided that if they were going to continue to have really good boxes with lots of good stuff, that they have to put out quarterly boxes so that they can spend more time to curate the boxes. Fair enough.

So now, I don’t have any boxes left as I took a break from Native Box and Violet Box. LOL. Oh well… perhaps I can buy one offs each month so that I can share other boxes with yall!

Karen x



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