Tall Poppy Syndrome

28 Jan , 2015 Mindset,Thoughts

Tall Poppy Syndrome

It’s been a long while. I missed last weeks post because I was just too lazy to write something (even though I had a thought for a few posts).

In truth, I have kept myself pretty busy (well, as busy as possible) going here and there to meet people, interviews and getting out of the house when possible (even though I have been at home watching tv A LOT)

Feeling like I am Planning My Life

In the last few weeks, I have actually started to feel so much better about my life. I really do feel like I am getting out and about, talking to people, catching up and learning more about my options and opportunities. I also have NO SHAME and have spoke with lots of people to see if they have opportunities for work. NO SHAME!

I have turned down opportunities as well as being rejected from opportunities. Feels good to be in control of MY LIFE.

I have also spent the last week looking at courses to do. As per the last few posts, I have been wanting to do the MBA – get it over and done with. However, many people in the industry have told me not to saying that if it’s for credibility, in Australia, an MBA is not all that credible. I spoke to a friend who is an innovative facilitator and even she said not to do it but to do psychology instead if I really wanted to do a course. She told me her husband has done the MBA and didn’t feel that he got anything out of it. My boyfriend said that an MBA is really a place to network and meet others.

The Psychology Options

I set out to look into more psychology courses and see what’s out there. My friend did tell me to look for something that has “Design Thinking” involved. Now that really opened up a whole new avenue of research. After much thought and a lot of investigation into the course and units, I narrowed it down to three:

– Swinburne, Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology): Online, flexible and the guy was really friendly on the phone and he knew a lot. I would also be exempt from all the electives (YES 12 UNITS OFF!!) because of my previous bachelors which meant 1.3 years of study!

– Deakin, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Psychology) or Bachelor of Arts (Psychology): A good pathway into the Masters program that I wanted to do (Masters of Psychology (Industrial and Organisational). Also available online BUT I can only enrol through VTAC

– Monash, Bachelor of Business (Psychology): I really liked this course as it was the only one with a major in business and psychology and I could’ve chosen from a lot of different courses. However, down side was that it was on-campus only and full time (or part time but that would be 6 years of study).

I really didn’t know that you could just go and do the three-year psychology degree in 1-1.5 years. That saves a lot of money from doing the 1 year Graduate Diploma in psychology science equivalent.

My Choice in the End

Here’s the deal though. I really thought about how far I was realistically going to get to with psychology. I didn’t want to be a psychologist and I’m not sure how smart I am do be able to keep going further and try to get into the honours year and then try to get into the Masters program, yes the only one in Melbourne and psychology is a really competitive field.

I also reallllly thought about how inclined I was to studying psychology. I spent four years learning about human behaviour and cognitive development, developmental psychology and all that jazz…. did I want to sit around for another 24 hours a week, while working, and do something that I wasn’t too keen on studying? Will it really motivate me?

In the final moment when I was speaking to Swinburne, I decided to not go ahead with psychology and instead go with my heart and where I felt I would actually work hard and enrolled in the Bachelor of Business (Management). I felt this pulled me and it did have things like organisational behaviour as part of the course and also the other bits and pieces that I wanted to learn like accounting, commercial law and innovation. Even thought it’s only one unit, at least it gives me a whole round view of business and then major in management.

People just don’t care in Australia

Through all the research and gathering ideas from others, I have realised that in Australia, people don’t care where you came from. It’s not like in America where you MUST go to the Ivy League colleges, you must go to Havard for business, you must be from Stanford with an MBA. In Australia, they just don’t care. I don’t know if it’s a tall poppy syndrome thing, “You think you’re better than me??” or the need to “Hey, you stay on my level, don’t excel” or what I don’t know.

But it’s just interesting how our laid back attitude…. actually… maybe it’s not the laid back attitude, it’s the experience, the “What you can do” or “What you can apply” mentality of Australia that’s different. I was speaking to someone from India and she said that the market in Asian countries is different. In Asia, they prefer all rounders, people who are jack of all trades “I can do this, I can do that”. Whereas in Australia, it’s mainly, “I’m a specialist in Tax Accounting and the last 4 jobs I’ve done were in Tax Accounting. I also have a degree in accounting”. A very specialised expert.

Have you heard of D.School?

In my research of “Design Thinking” I found D.School in Stanford and then a U.Lab in Sydney. They didn’t have much to say about what was going on there besides giving you a general taste of a design school that aims to solve organisational, global or environmental issues with students from every discipline – business, engineering, design etc.

I really wanted to get my hands on that to explore design thinking future but there was no information at all.

My thought was, who and when would they have a d.school in Melbourne?

In my head I thought of an answer and in my networking and having a catch up with some cool people, I found the answer. I’m looking forward to when it happens. 🙂

MBA or NO MBA: Credible vs Knowledge/Passion

In the end, I really found it hard to make that choice between having a psych, MBA or other (most like accounting with a CPA or CA initial as they call it in Canada) as my credible mark or to pick something that I would want to study. There are so many online forums that break it down – to MBA or not – and really it’s the same information over and over again.

I did get an offer from RMIT for the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration, a pathway into the MBA, but I decided to decline and stick to the bachelor of business.

I’ll save the MBA for when the cool institute finalises the MBA for Designers (and that will definitely have a big emphasis on “design thinking”) and I’ll do it then.

For now, I will lay out my foundation in business and continue to look for opportunities and ideas that make me feel excited about life again!

Karen x



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