Taste Japan Subscription Box

1 Aug , 2014 Food

Taste Japan Subscription Box

Hey yo!!

OMG am I excited or what!?

I was approached by two awesome entrepreneurs, Malc and Rich, creators of the new “Taste Japan” subscription box to review their new subscription service. Yes, I’ll admit, I felt rather honoured to be asked and to be sent such an awesome choc-a-block filled box. The Taste Japan box is an UK owned box that delivers Japanese snacks to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I think it’s the only Japanese Snack Box that is delivered to Australia!

The box is £15 (roughly $27 Australian) INCLUDING POSTAGE! AWESOME!! Coming straight to your house from Japan. Now that’s pretty cool!

Each month they send 9 delicious snacks like green tea kit kats, wasabi doritos, bacon chips and more from Japan. This month, they included something really cool that I am really excited to try and do a video for you guys!

If you’re already excited and want to grab yours right now, then please go to their website and click “subscribe” or “buy” – http://tastejapan.net/subscribe/

Otherwise, if you want to know what’s inside the box, then keep scrolling. 

Watch the unboxing video and review:

Doesn’t that look awesome!

So recap, this month’s Taste Japan subscription box has:

Country Maam – vanilla and chocolate cookies

Premium Umaibo – GIANT corn puff

Everyburger – chocolate burgers

Pudding Kit Kat – pudding flavoured Kit Kat that you gotta bake

Wasabi Bites – Almond, cheese and wasabi cookies

Ottotto – potato snacks

Chibiko Pack – gummy treats

Jagariko – bacon and asparagus chip sticks

and my favourite and am most excited about TAKOYAKI SHOP – DIY takoyaki inspired candy

Would I subscribe? I’ll be honest, with all the boxes I have at the moment, I can’t afford to keep subscribing to another snack box. However, this is such a cool box that in the future when I’m not subscribed to so many boxes, I will definitely give it a go!

If you’re excited, grab it now – http://tastejapan.net/subscribe/

Karen x

PS – I have no affiliation with Taste Japan and although they have sent me the box for free, my review is based on my opinion. I have not been paid to make this video or to write this post.






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