Temples in Melbourne

18 Jun , 2015 Travel

Temples in Melbourne

Earlier in the year, around Chinese New Year, I went on a temple tour with my mum and aunties and uncles.. because I wanted to visit different temples than the ones that we normally visit.

Mate, was it interesting!


500 Asians in 10 Buses

Enuff said. lol

Almost every temple we went to was like… a stampede of asians running to the toilet, getting food, taking pictures and some who’ve made it into the temple for a quick prayer with the master. Tsk Tsk!

I was actually really surprised with a couple of the temples as I’ve never seen them before, never heard of them, never thought they existed and never had a chance to go inside.

So the first temple was the starting point in Springvale, Chua Hoa Nghiem.

Then after the master told us to “take it easy” and not “scare off the temple volunteers” we set off on our coaches to Reservoir… far far away.

1. Reservoir – Chua Linh Son (Linh Son Temple)

I have been here before when i was young.. though my family and I have not visited in so many years. Nothing has changed. Still in a school.

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2. Fawkner – Chua Quang Duc (Quang Duc Temple)

After turning in a few circles, we finally made it to Fawkner. Now this was an interesting temple. I have never heard of this one before and didn’t even know that this temple existed. So interesting and pretty!



3. Tottenham – Chua Phat Quang (Phat Quang Temple)

After even more turning around in circles and up and down different freeways (though, I fell asleep) we arrived at a Buddhist temple in Tottenham. The funny thing here is, I’ve driven past this street SOO MANY TIMES when I go to west side and I’ve never seen this temple before. It’s literally opposite Tottenham Station where the big carpark is.

11009199_10155369609155372_2143597896786955814_n 11025115_10155369609445372_7966560912897533274_n

4. Braybrook – Chua Quang Minh (Quang Minh Temple)

This temple I’ve been frequently, so I didn’t take any photos. We spent a lot of time here for lunch.. best Vegetarian Bun Hue I’ve ever had! So GOOD!!

Not my photo - source from Taylor Thomson Whitting (I was too busy eating Bun Hue)

Not my photo – source from Taylor Thomson Whitting (I was too busy eating Bun Hue)

5. Upwey Discovery Centre

This one I have never heard of and did not know that we had something like this in Australia. An English speaking temple!! There was even a western diety (or maybe monk?) inside the temple as well. So interesting. I would definitely come back one day.

They also had some people with holy water to bless everyone.. those who had ailments or pain also had a little bit of a massage or “healing” going on as well.

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6. Narre Warren – Yun Yang Temple

This temple actually was busy this day so we didn’t go. Though, I’ve been many times before. A lovely temple and beautiful landscapes. Here’s a photo from the past.

1919473_335579065371_3369949_n 1919473_344364450371_6248127_n

7. Keysborough – Sri Lankan Temple

I’ve driven past this temple so many times and never thought I’d visit one day. Such a humble and peaceful place.

11014814_10155369611135372_1793366066804876644_n 11042985_10155369611250372_4231888448707048316_n

8. Springvale – Bright Moon Temple (Chinese Temple)

Another that we go to every year.

10389237_10155369611465372_2547453080473450414_n 10408678_10155369612020372_1771225522051708525_n

9. Springvale – Khmer Temple

This would be the second time I’ve been to the khmer temple, though this time the actual temple was under construction and we were in the garage. This is a pretty temple the last time I went. Would love to come back another day.

I didn’t take photos here because I actually joined in on the dharma talk! Finally…. -_-

10. Springvale – Hoa Nghiem (Vietnamese Temple)

And then we come back to where we started from.

What I learnt:

That there are so many Buddhist temples in Melbourne that I’ve never been to and didn’t even know they exist. The Fawkner, Upwey and Tottenham temples were the biggest surprises ever! The temple at Fawkner is actually larger than what I thought for the northern side of Melbourne. Upwey was just so interesting – an english speaking temple. There’s actually a western buddha? I don’t think he’s a buddha yet..? But anyway, a really big surprise.

Personal wise – I learnt that the negative side of me was really strong. I learnt that I needed to chillax and not think about things too much. I’ve noticed that I had always focused on the negative, the tiny irrelevant facts the, “ends of a bull’s horn”.

I learnt that I have to let go. As I was saying in the last post, the whole #FOMO thing. I learnt that sometimes the only answer you need is the one that gives you the most peace. It doesn’t matter whether it really is the answer, or whether it is not the real answer. What matters is the importance that you put on it. I had a lot of unanswered questions in the past and I bogged down on the whys. In this moment, even though those questions pop up from time to time, the importance or the intensity to have the answer has dwindled. Why, because the subject matter no longer matters.

I also learnt that I am a little bit abrupt and impatient when it comes to my mum. I realised that before anything even happened, I jump straight to the old thought of “Oh my god… so annoying”. I need to learn to chillax.

Would I do it again?

No. I think this time round was great and I have seen a lot of different temples which was great. I ended up coming home really sick and it’s kinda scarred me. The other thing is that I enjoy the freedom and space of doing things on your own instead of being stuck with 500 other people – some kind hearted, some ignorant.

How do YOU enrol to go?

Even though I don’t want to go again, I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants to go to these temples but doesn’t know how. OR, definitely something that is enjoyable for mums, grandmas etc whom are interested in buddhism or going to places. Some of these temples are hard to get to if you are older and driving is not really convenient.

To enrol, you would need to ask the volunteers at the Hoa Nghiem temple in Springvale, I’d say a good month before lunar new year, just to secure a spot for you. The ticket is around $35 (to cover the cost of travel), you will also need to bring your own food or some money to buy lunch. Food and drinks are all available at all temples. They even have complimentary water, tea and watermelon/fruit at different temples!

Overall, it was an interesting day, with lots of praying and lots of incense sticks! A lot of people and a lot of cameras and a lot of shoes in the door way! 😀

Karen x



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