The Avengers: Age of Ultron [Spoilers]

30 Apr , 2015 Thoughts

The Avengers: Age of Ultron [Spoilers]

Ahhhhhh…. What a day! 😀

This is the first time I’ve ever watched a movie at a cinema on my own. And you know what, it was actually pretty exciting and not bad at all! It was convenient and fun!

I got a free ticket when I signed up to Crown Signatures during the CNY festival (really to get free parking at the time, the ticket was a bonus!) I hadn’t used the ticket in so long and the due date was today. So I thought, “What the hey!” and set out to watch the Avengers because I didn’t want to waste a $20 ticket!

So after getting my wheels done (yes, I got new tyres finally, the old ones were soooo worn out it wasn’t funny) I set out to watch a movie. As I hadn’t had lunch yet and I didn’t have time to buy something else, I thought I’d get the hot dog at Village. The combo had way too much food! LARGE POPCORN! That I didn’t even get through 1 quarter of the box.

Anyway… the Avengers… after about 30 minutes of commercials and freaking 30 minutes of the people next to me chit chattering (rude), the movie started.

I’m a huge nerd for the Avengers franchise. Well, ok, for Thor and the Avengers. All the rest are… not linked together like these two movies are, always at the end.  

It started when I watched Thor way back in 2011. I loved it. I don’t normally like fantasy, but I liked that Thor was fantasy mixed with today. I also like Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. I also liked Loki as well… sort of felt sorry for him.

Then the Avengers came out in 2012. Why I got in on that was because I stayed back after Thor and saw the bonus scene that this franchise uses to tease us all the time. So I was like sooo excited for the Avengers.

Then it was back to Thor 2 (Thor: The Dark World) in 2013 for Loki again! I honestly can’t remember what happened, just remembering that the Universe reminds me of some dreams that I have. As much as I love the study of the Universe, it freaks me out sometimes to think how we could go up there and look back to the Earth. I think it would feel really uncomfortable and eerie because everything we know of life, we know it on Earth. We know the sun, we know the moon, we know the trees – imagine seeing those things from a different perspective… I think that’s interesting, yet really scary at the same time.

Now, two years on, we have the Avengers the Age of Ultron! As soon as I saw the ad on TV I was like.. OMG I gotta watch it! Since, it feels like no one can or wants to watch it with me (well, I didn’t ask anyone) I just thought it’d be easier if I just went by my lonesome.

The movie was good, but the story didn’t really tie into the whole movie franchise. The villain, Ultron, is not really a God or Demon from afar but a creation by human (or Tony Star). The movie plays on with the idea of people create destruction because they are protecting from destruction. This makes me confused sometimes. Because humans create artificial intelligence right, so if we can create something, how can they be more superior to what we have made. If that makes sense.

It’s like if we go with the theory of God creating us, then how can we ever be smarter that God?

So if we play God and create AI, how can they be better than us?

It must be my lack of knowledge in the world of computers, robotics and that sort of thing. Maybe I just don’t know what the other more smarter nerd out there know. At the same time though, when I see these AI developments being done in Japan and there super realistic human-robots, the new little robot that’s a light, watch, skype device, camera… and the thing talks and communicates with you.. these things scare me. Is this really the rise of the fall of humans?

I entertain myself with the thought that it wouldn’t happen. That the human race aren’t progressing as fast as we like to think. Like the Jetsons thought that by now we would have hover boards, fly in the sky and do some cool stuff… but in 2015 we do have a hover board, 3D printers that can print food and we are starting to have robots….. OMG we’re all gonna die!! LOL

These movies get me. The VISION thing kinna freaked me out a little bit.. I think I missed a portion of the chat that he had with Thor and the other guys because the guys sitting next to me was chit-chatting again.

But nothing freaks me out more than James Spaders voice. How does one have a psychotic and calming voice and not be really psychotic in real life? Doesn’t he play a scary villain but good guy but bad guy in that TV show..”The Blacklist”?

In the end, we know there’s another movie coming up and it’s got to be Thor this time. The blue guy at the end.. I think Thanos (from reading the Wikis) is going to do it himself before the big war at the end. According to Wiki we shall be waiting until 2017, 2018 and 2019 for these movies.

That’s a long wait!! This was the same feeling I had when I finished watching Thor 1 and reading the wiki and seeing that Thor 2 was coming out in two years time, I thought.. OMG.. what a long wait. Might be faster than you think.

To movies!

Karen x



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