The Body is the Barometer of the Soul

9 Mar , 2014 Mindset,Thoughts

The Body is the Barometer of the Soul

The body is the barometer of the soul.

I wish I came up with that awesome title. “The body is the barometer of the soul” is actually a great reference book written by Annette Noontil.

Why am I talking about this book today you ask. Big reason is because I’ve been sick in the last few weeks – sore throat, coughing, phlegm, fatigue etc. The first thought I had was that it must’ve been related to not taking an antihistamine during the cold rainy days and forgetting all about it when it was hot again.

I let the “virus” do its thing and waited for it to go away. Only to get to Pakenham Saturday morning to do a course and feeling like crap. I found it so hard to speak from the coughing and congested chest. I was a little disheartened when I saw some clients not paying attention. Its like.. dude… I’m doing this for you – when I’m sick! So I decided to prevail and go to the doctor. I just couldn’t make it to my family GP so I decided to find any one in my local suburbs.

When I got there, I was greeted with “Excuse me, do you have $2 spare?” I said no. She was pretty much stalking me when I parked my car. So scary. Reminded me of some of my clients.

Anyway, I went in, waited, saw a cricket jumping past and thought … ohhh kayy… and then finally it was my turn. Honestly felt like I didnt really get much out of it. Was only prescribed OTC stuff. So I went next door and bought them anyway.

That night I sounded like a chronic smoker of 40 years – hoarse, rough and broken. So I spent the night watching YouTube (I never knew how funny Conan is).

Finally woke up this morning and completely lost my voice. I don’t have a sore throat or anything. Just felt mucus-y but I cannot speak. I cant even hum a song.

I started to the google research and found many remedies etc. And no I wasn’t thinking im dying of cancer or anything lol.

I did think… I wonder what is happening within me. I remembered the book and so grabbed it from my bookshelf and flicked the pages to see what’s up.

I looked for cold like symptoms, cough, laryngitis, loss of voice that sought of thing. This is what the book said,

Throat loss of voice – You think you know more than others and it is a waste of time talking to them

I was shocked because it was only just ONE day ago that I was really annoyed with my clients at a Drink-Driving Education course because my throat was hurting and I was really trying my best to talk. I’d say a few of them in the class weren’t even listening – especially the ONE guy who needed to listen. Upon leaving that session I really did think to myself, “Why do I even bother.”

That the initial reaction.

Then I looked up the other symptoms that I have been experiencing more often than not in the last few months and found that there was a general theme in two things:

1. Not being or owning who I am as a person

2. Feeling like I am not heard/misunderstood

Believe it or not, another way of viewing ailment is by viewing it as a response your body is sending you, to ask you to review yourself and take charge. Some people get upset when they come across the ever so confronting statement – “You choose your own problems” – because a lot of people think, “I did not ask for cancer”. Sometimes, it’s not necessarily you asking for pain or an ailment or an illness but it is the manifestation of your thoughts that over time it will go somewhere. Your thought aren’t just some intangible fragment that gets broken up by a gust of wind or a click of the fingers to “snap” out of it. A thought is generated within you that evokes an emotion or a sensation within the body.

Put it this way, create a thought about a piece of chocolate cake with a thick layer of chocolate ganache, some berries, freshly whipped cream and chocolate flakes all around – did that not just inflict a sensation within you? Did it not make you salivate, your stomach grumble, feel warm inside, a sense of joy or it could even have made you feel the total opposite where you gagged and felt chills at the thought of chocolate cake. Either way, you felt something.

Imagine those thoughts were all negative thoughts of self. Negative thoughts of identity, of who you were, of the relationships you had – not only are you creating the possibility of these things occurring in the future (I will go into this maybe in a different post in the future), you are continuously creating some form of sensation within the body, the would most likely be an unresourceful or negative response. Imagine if you did that to yourself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for X amount of days, weeks, months or even years – what the hell are you creating inside of your body? Those sensations must equate to something manifesting on a physical level in your body.

Some thoughts manifest instantly on a physical level. Take stress for example, you can literally create butterflies in your stomach or full blown acid reflux with just a thought.

I am pretty scared just thinking about this. Even thought I “learnt” this stuff when I did my Master NLP course and Tony Robbins events… I don’t think it ever hit as hard as now when I am actually at a place where I cannot work and do what I do because I have lost my voice. At least I have something in common with my idol – thought mine’s just a minor voice problem because I spend too much time talking in a week for a job.

Where am I now? In the space of looking at myself and catching my thoughts as they come. Any negative thoughts about who I am, what I’m doing and at the same time, ALSO catching the positive thoughts about who I am and what I’m doing and appreciating the people who actually want to listen to me speak.

So if you’re looking for another way of understanding why you are feeling the way you are or why you’re sick, buy the book (click on the title)  “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul” by Annette Noontil and give yourself a different way of understand yourself.

Though, health is not just mindset and thoughts – it’s also the things you put in your mouth. Maybe another time for that.

I hope you all keep well.

Karen x




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