The Pleasure of Being a Woman

18 Jun , 2016 Thoughts

The Pleasure of Being a Woman

So last week it was about the pains and this week it’s about the pleasure! 😀

I spent the morning for a jog-turned-walk around Jells Park – almost died on the way getting there… Need to pay attention when driving… I got side-tracked from “Strathconan”.

Anyway, it was freaking cold, light rain, spitting down but with Tony Robbins pumping in my ears, it was great. It was a great escape. I was listening to the human needs again – certainty, uncertainty, significance, love/connection – all again.

Only two words describe why people go to see Tony Robbins – Pain and Pleasure. Two motivators that push or pull someone to work towards or away from their goals. Definitely something I needed to hear – maybe not for me, but to explain other people around me. Loving yourself. Feeling comfortable in your own shoes. Feeling good about the person you are. I guess that’s why I see the light in some people and I don’t in some others.

This week, I set out to get back into my fitness. It’s been a long ass time since I’ve been doing anything. I used to, and then I allowed myself to be lazy and stopped. It wasn’t until the dance class I did on Tuesday where it was the first time I looked at myself in that light and made me think.. “Oh damn.. I am a bit not toned”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my body, I love my curves, I love my Kim K butt – I just wanted to tone some parts of my body and be healthier and stronger.

I signed up for a monthly pass to try out some different kinds of dancing just to get back into it. The first week, dayammm… was it hard. LOL I think I basically body rolled my way throughout the class and that was cool.. but I did different kinds and positions of body rolls. LOL.. If it weren’t for my open mind and comfort to do things outside of my comfort zone, I would be as unhappy as the other new lady that joined this week who was sooooooo put off. LOL

It was so fun. I was so revved! I did the stretching class afterwards and some of the stances we were in was so hot! I felt like a warrior, like a goddess ready for battle. I could see the potential in toning my body and strengthening my core – an area that I hadn’t been engaging in for a while – both spiritually and physically. 😀

There was a second class later on in the week that I wanted to go to but f**ckkkkk.. my legs were jelly. For like 3 days. Like. OMG. My muscles were hurting bad but I liked it – it gave me that feeling that I worked out good man. My fascia muscles were stretched good (my instructor taught us that one). Was stretched out so good that it hurt for days! 😀

Anyway, that’s why I decided to go for a light jog/stroll today. I was tempted to go do stretch class again. But no, I will save it for Tuesday! Cos I also want to do Thursday class as well… oh body, can you please just get used to it so that I can do both nights!

There was an opportunity to film towards the end of the class… I dunno if this is only for these sorts of classes or just for social media purposes of the generation today? Though, I was just a bit “new” to all this… maybe I’ll film it next time.. maybe..

I know I was bagging out my hair routine last week – but to be honest, since doing my hair, it has given me time each week to actually focus on myself – doing things to love myself to nurture myself. Without that, I think I wouldn’t have remembered to do it or feel motivated to do it.

Hey, at least I am doing it now right? Cos that’s all I can do – be ME.

Anyway, I leave you with this. Have a great weekend!

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Karen x



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