Violet Box Unboxing and Review August 2014 (+bonus bellabox review)

1 Sep , 2014 Beauty

Violet Box Unboxing and Review August 2014 (+bonus bellabox review)

Hey Yall!

Tis a quick blog entry to house the video I did. I know I did say I was going to look into the products a little further, but I got so sick this weekend and I haven’t had the chance to look into anything. I did try some of the products though.

Check out the video if you haven’t done so to see what’s inside:


How I felt of the products:

Lipgloss (Evelyn Iona Lipgloss RRP $20.50 full size)- I did give this one a go. It has the same “cookies” kind of smell like a lot of lipglosses have these days.. much like the one I showed you the other week. And I remember the MAC Lip Glass had the same “cookies” vanilla-ry smell.

Eye Shadow quad (Be A Bombshell RRP $22.00 full size) – I gave this one a go the other day with just my fingers to get a little bit more coverage (as so I thought). It didn’t turn out that way and the colours still look “washed out” and not as opaque as I would’ve liked.

Eyelash grower thing (Foltene Eyelash Treatment RRP $20.95 full size) – I’ll be honest, I don’t think I will ever use this one. I fear my eyelashes are either going to fall out or my eyeballs will be destroyed in some way. I have very sensitive dry eyes and wearing contacts makes my eyes water all day. I don’t think I will try with this one.

Hand cream (Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy RRP $18.95 for 6oz, this is 1/4oz … so $0.78) – I haven’t tried this one yet or opened the packaging.

Appelles Rosemary Body Bar Soap RRP $5.95 – You already know how I feel about this one. Love it. Best thing in the box!

Total value of the box = A WHOPPING $70.18

I will add that the Violet Subscription Box is $22.95 ($16.95 + $6.95 for shipping). The value OVERLY exceeds anything I have bought from anywhere else!!!!

Stupidly, I bought the BellaBox again thinking that I’d get something good… I watched what the other girls got and I thought it would be a box given that it had Maybelline as one of the brands. No NO No. So wrong. Wasting $15 AGAIN!

First of all, the box was LONG OVERDUE, it came so late. When I looked inside I had the same “Priceline Freebies” feeling again. No special blog post for you!

bella box august 2014

bella box august 2014


Quickly inside the Bella Box August 2014:

Lash card mascara shields RRP $7.95 – $8 for two cards? RRIP off!

Romy Body Lotion RRP $29.99 for 300ml (so let’s just give it 30ml, so $2.99) – Smell delish! Eucalyptus, lemongrass, lime and a hint of Amazingness (i’m not kidding, that’s what it says). Smells good and absorbed right into my skin! Win!

Polished Nail Enamel RRP $7.99 (Colour “Balmoral”) – Crackle effect.. I donated one of my cute raspberry nails to try the crackle.. and it actually crackled!! Impressive but still.. funny looking! I have a mauve-y look… so maybe on top of black nails would be interesting as an accent nail. Though packaging is pretty crappy for $7.99!

Natural World Keratin Hair Treatment Oil RRP $16.99 for 100ml (this was 25ml so.. $4.25) – Didn’t open the package.. so I dunno..

I got two freebie sachets, 1 from NUXE (what is with nuxe man, it’s in every box!) and 1 from Boots Laboritories Comforting Day Cream. Meh.

Total value = $25.18 

The Bella box is $15 and I did get more value this week. However, nothing beats the Violet Box value thought! BOOM! By … 400 – 500% in value!

These are just based on my thoughts and if you like either of these, then please check them out! I have promo codes for both, so there’s always a cheaper way to give these a go without spending too much!

Promotional Codes

Get $10 off your first Violet Box code ‘VIOLETBOX10’ –

Get $5 off your first Bella Box –

Let me know what you think!

Speak soon!

Karen x



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