The True Science of Parallel Universes

6 Apr , 2013 Thoughts

The True Science of Parallel Universes

Why are parallel universes fascinating?

Imagine having the chance to do something again: to re-choose your decision, to take a different path, to have just done something or said something else. What would the outcome be.

Just the opening 3 seconds in the video below is enough to excite every part of me. It reminds me of the choose-your-own-adventures Goosebumps books that I used to read. What would happen if I went through the door; what would happen if I had chosen to stay put. The great thing about those books is that if you get to an ending that you didn’t like (whether it be boring or whether you end up falling down the cliff), you could always go back to the point of decision and take the other part.

Though in life, it’s not like that.

The theory of parallel universes gives us that fantasy of believing that out there in our universe or “other life” is out there. The other story, the other decision. Like the movie sliding doors. What I also love about the clip is the theory of Universe VS Observable Universe. It’s all the same thing, the only difference is the terminology. I’ve always believed in the Universe – I still do, don’t get me wrong – but the Observable Universe gives a whole new level of understanding what the Universe is. The observable universe is everything that you know, that you see, that is possible to you. Therefore, in any situation, you can observe the multitudes of the universe because you can create as many possibilities that can occur at any time.

For instance, I just finished watching episode 20 of How I Met Your Mother Season 8. It starts with Barney convincing Ted to go to “Robots Versus Wrestlers”. He’s unsuccessful at first and so he calls on Ted and Barney from 20 years later to join in the conversation. After a while, all sorts of characters from the distant future and not-so-distant future start to join the conversation, all of which to help Ted decide whether to go to the wrestling match or not. There was a 20 minutes future Ted, the next day Ted, the two 3 months later girl-from-closet, all giving Ted different scenarios of what could happen, if he made a particular choice. After a lot of discussion and (self) convincing, in the end, Ted decides to go.

And this is when Barney drops the bombshell,

“You’re 5 years too late. The wrestling match was five years ago. Lily and Marshall are upstairs with their son. Robin and I are at home deciding on a caterer.”

And that’s when it dawns on Ted that he’s been sitting at the bar staring at the Robot VS Wrestlers ticket all alone.

Not that anything in life would have changed if he had gone to the wrestling match and it wouldn’t have changed meeting his future Mrs Ted Mosby within 45 days. Though, he said in the end of the episode, if he could, he would’ve spent those 45 days with her rather than alone. If he had known.

And in life, we don’t know. We don’t know whether this path would be the right path which will lead to the right destination or whether that path would lead to the right destination. Just knowing that the existence of multiverses – doesn’t that give you a sense of satisfaction and comfort knowing that somewhere in the multiverses, you made the right decision.

Here’s mind fuck.

If somewhere in the multiverses you’ve made the right choices, doesn’t that mean that you’ve made the right choices all along and if all the multiverses were your universes and within your reach of observable universes, couldn’t you just slip into the “right” multiverse at any minute because it’s all stacked on top of each other. So doesn’t that mean that if you didn’t like a situation, all you had to do was either to change it, turn around and take a different path?

The idea is just fascinating. A do-it-yourself adventure style map all off the possibilities of how life could be and we just living in the one line. Here’s my thought. If we really were to test it, to sit down with our minds, thoughts or even clients and just mapped out what they were thinking of as the possible situations or choices and we kept mapping out each decision, each scenario, would we really have an infinite amount of possibilities OR a temporarily finite number because we can only predict what we know or can already observe. AND wouldn’t most of the decisions really be hovering around the same questions and the outcomes being of the same kind of answers?

So doesn’t that mean that no matter how much we mull over our decisions, the answers are always going to be the same because we haven’t yet made the decision to get to the next point? I think of it as, you want to get from A to B (which really is what most of my clients, friends and family want to get to when they’re stuck in life). The pattern is, that instead of going directly from A to B, they make a multitude of choices and decisions, to not do what they were suppose to do and thus creating more and more decisions along the way but always coming across the same decisions and opting the other way. Because we can only experience ONE observable universe at a time, we tend of think of life as linear – one way. The fascinating thing about parallel universes is that it gives our experience more depth. That every time you say NO to something, a YES must also exist in another universe. And that YES will lead to a different outcome which can either lead us to the B (or B +ve) or eventually lead us to the same B -ve if we have decided not to go forth.

Hence explaining why people always get the same results, because they are making the same decision, when they come across the same situation.

Then doesn’t that make every decision you make in the middle just a distraction or another way of adding variety to the world that we know, instead of taking a step into a world that we don’t?



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