I Say ‘So’ too much!

11 Aug , 2014 Mindset

I Say ‘So’ too much!

Hey yo!

Weeklies 2 – My Favourites for last last week (I’m trying to catch up, so last week’s favourites will be out sometime this week).

So this week I’ve spent a long time editing video and I realised my favourite word is “So”. It’s soooo annoying, every sentence starts with SO. I’m noticing it more now when I listen to myself do workshops and I’m annoyed. I’m trying SOOOOOOOO (dang it!) hard to not start sentences with SO. SO here goes. 

Last last week was pretty quiet, didn’t really go out much and continued with a few things here and there. Doing these weekly favourites has started to get me thinking more of what is good in the week and it’s also got me motivated to try out the new stuff I’ve got from the MANY MANY subscription boxes that I have. I will admit that I have found some great things, so stay tuned to see what those things are! ;D

My favourites of that week include:


Week 2 favourites:

Activity – Playback Skills Workshop with Melbourne Playback Theatre Company – http://melbourneplayback.com.au/

Melbourne-Playback-1 playback_theatre

Place to Eat – China Red in Melbourne Chinatown – http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/1541228/restaurant/CBD/China-Red-Melbourne

China Red-2276

Snack – Liddel’s Lactose Free Yoghurt in Strawberry – Any supermarket like coles or woolies!


Subscription box – Taste Japan – http://tastejapan.net/subscribe/ or watch my review – http://www.karenluu.com.au/taste-japan-subscription-box/VLOG Custom thumb nail template

Beauty Product – Korres Lip Butter Gloss – http://au.strawberrynet.com/makeup/korres/lip-butter-glaze—–quince/143174/#DETAIL


YouTube Series – Roll Models on Watch Loud – Watch Episode 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wEQKe8Fujo OHHHH how I love the opening song!! 😀



And look how HOTT Gina Darling looks in this pic! Yes, Girl Crush!! 😀


Thanks for watching (or reading). I will hopefully get another post up soon… 😀

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Karen x






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