What Happened to RedPawPaw?

12 Jun , 2015 Food

What Happened to RedPawPaw?

This is a really quick post to express my concern… what happened the subscription box Redpawpaw?

I was actually looking forward to receiving the Winter box and was thinking about it for a while now. So I did my usual thing, jumped on my emails to look for something and to my surprise.. another “Sorry” email.

Wow.. another bombshell.. what is it now?

So it turns out that they are unable to sustain the $5 plus postage because the other suppliers don’t want to pay for postage.. I thought I paid the $7.50 for postage?

Now they have decided to cancel my subscription (without offering me a means to transfer my package to the new $10 per month plus postage package) and they also said that not everyone will get the June box… which I guess is marketing for, “No one’s getting it”.

We didn’t get charged for it but it’s the hassle and sudden departure that got me thinking… “Ah.. ok.. “

I tried to look for them on facebook to see what’s going on but it’s gone. Deleted. Disappeared.

I tried to change my subscription on their website – not possible.

Okay… so what do you want us to do?

There’s already a few threads and things out there where people in the same boat as I have expressed their thoughts.. Okay.. so I’m not alone.. I also googled the ACCC link but it’s really only made up for Red Pawpaw to revert to the original contract.

So yeah… This saga of a mess-up is one very interesting story in the world of Entrepreneurship. A great idea turned sour and I’m not sure whether it was the execution, the non-thinking, the non-planning or the non-going forward of this bunch. And I actually supported them for the longest time, always telling people to check out how they handle customer complaints.

Red paw paw, you really continue to disappoint. I’m just hoping you’re not a scam.




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